Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's Your Reading Preference --- A Real Book or An eBook?

I enjoy reading and owning both traditional books and ebooks for different reasons as both types of books have their own unique advantage.

I love traditional books for so many reasons. For instance, I like the way they feel while holding them in my hands and also the smell of new books. I like the way books look sitting on bookshelves or laying on coffee tables and nightstands. Books which are filled with photography or illustrations, pictures of artwork, coffee table books, cookbooks and how-to-craft type books are best suited to physical books than ebooks -- in my opinion. I also prefer to keep a physical book over an ebook if it is by an author I enjoy reading or any other book I know I'll want to keep in my permanent collection... Especially if it is book autographed by an author I respect or rare edition (not that I have any rare books in my collection). I prefer hardback books if I am going to keep them in my permanent collection, but I tend to read more paperback than hardbacks.

I like ebooks because they are paperless. I feel that if I am reading them on an ereader then I am saving a few trees verses reading the paper version! Another reason I enjoy reading ebooks is that they don't take up a lot of physical space in my home and I already have more books than I currently have room for now. You can store countless ebooks on an ereader, making it easy to carry several books with you while on travel. I also enjoy being able to change the font size, larger or smaller, with ebooks to suit my personal needs. Another reason I enjoy reading ebooks is because not every book I read is one that I would want to keep in my permanent collection. I only want physical books if I know I want them lining my bookshelves.

Share with us the types of books you enjoy reading most. Are they hardbacks, paperbacks or eBooks?


  1. I do much prefer real books to e-readers. For one thing, some authors and publishers do go to the trouble of using recycled paper to publish books now - that that's always a plus for the environment (and they put that on either the back or the inside front pages of the book, I've noticed). And with e-books, they don't always suit people with medical problems like Epilepsy or Autism as the screens do screw up our brain signals. So, yes, I looked at them, but no, I haven't been tempted to get one; and have asked my family to not get me one because of how a DS screws up my brain.
    Besides, I buy a lot of my books second-hand, so I save a lot of books from landfill and dumps anyway and end up giving to church charities in the process; and isn't that a good way of recycling as well? :D

    1. I also buy many books 2nd hand as well from various used bookstores as I like the concept of reading these books to help prevent landfills from being filled with books. After reading books, I will pass them along to friends, family, donate them or register them on Bookcrossing and either wild release them or control release to as part of RABCKS, rays, rings, book boxes and the like.

      If I do buy new, I'll keep in my permanent collection or pass it on to another.

      You make a good point as to why ereaders aren't always a good thing for people with certain medical conditions.

      Yes, donating books to charities is a good thing!! I've donated to our local library frequently.