Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reading in Bed

I came across an article in the Los Angeles Times titled Reading in bed: a duvet cover as bedtime story by , which put a whole new spin on reading in bed! Ms. Kellogg writes the following in her article:
It started as a design project. Tiago da Fonseca, whose work can be found at Moss, has created a duvet cover called Bedtime Stories. It's bedding, printed with a story. Which makes so much sense.

This is a particularly sophisticated duvet cover. Layered like the pages of a book, it can be turned as it is read -- or for warmth. On his website, da Fonseca explains it this way: "'Bedtime Stories' completely involves the reader in the story and each page adds or removes a layer of comfort to each side of the bed – more pages makes you warmer and comfier, hopefully guiding you and your partner into a pleasant night’s sleep.... It is even possible to remove pages, just like you would do in a book (if you dare!)."

But what kind of story will you fall asleep under? How about a fairy tale.
I'm not sure I'd want this duvet cover on my bed, but it is an interesting concept for sure!

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  1. Aaaahhh, yes! I saw the photos for this on Facebook.... it's been doing the rounds with great success! :D