Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart. Wow, kudos to Amy Stewart for writing such a wonderful nonfiction book about bugs!! 

I found Wicked Bugs to be very captivating, scary and creepy all at the same time. Wicked Bugs is captivating because it is packed with information about a wide variety of bugs that any layperson, like myself, can easily understand and enjoy reading. Wicked Bugs is also scary and creepy because there is a lot of bugs out there that are harmful or destructive to the world around them. Granted, I realize that there are a plethora of bugs which are very beneficial, but it is the harmful or destructive ones that concern me the most... Ticks, mosquitoes, etc. that could potentially pass along disease and cause a lot of pain scare me senseless. 

Being a book lover and avid reader that I am, one of the sections I enjoyed reading most in Wicked Bugs was about bookworms, which aren't really worms at all. Bookworms are not harmful to people, just destructive to books. Some of these so called "bookworms" are listed as follows --- book louse, larder beetle, silverfish, drugstore beetle, book scorpion, and furniture beetle.

Below is a video of author Amy Stewart discussing her book Wicked Bugs!! I found the video really well done and hopefully you will too.
Also, check out NPR's article Where To Find The World's Most 'Wicked Bugs' and also listen to an NPR interview with Amy Stewart. 

Hopefully, both the above video and NPR interview will intrigue you enough to want to read Wicked Bugs. Until my next post, happy reading!

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