Saturday, July 7, 2012

Amazon Rumored to Open Its First Retail Store

Who would have guessed that Amazon would ever open (or consider opening) a retail store? Not me anyway! Amazon has been so success as an online retailer, that it never occurred to me they'd consider opening a brick and mortar store.

I read an article on the Technology Digital site titled Will Amazon Really Open Its First Retail Store? The following was written in the article:
Rumors in the business world are claiming that soon Amazon will open its own bookstore in Seattle, Washington. According to Forbes, this would be the first retail store for the electronic commerce giant since it was founded in 1994. Amazon’s bookstore would presumably feature its own products, the Kindle e-book reader and e-books among them. This company is already the largest online retailer in the world, so it will be interesting to see how an Amazon store will affect its sales. The combination of Amazon’s brand recognition and exclusive titles may change the way other bookstores operate.

Brick and mortar retailers often feel threatened by Amazon, says the New York Times. Robin Lewis of the Robin Report explains that, “A lot of people think this is a category — electronics — that Amazon will crush just as they did bookstores.” Kindle products are especially popular and some retailers have even refused to carry them for fear they will reduce sales of their own books. Many are of the opinion that an Amazon store can only benefit the consumer in the end, though.
Only time will tell if Amazon does open a retail store. I'd be curious to see what their retail outlet looks like.

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