Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bill Gates Shares His Favorite Books of the Summer

Who knew that Bill Gates is a voracious book reader?! I guess it's something I never took the time to really ponder. 

In an article posted on GeekWire, titled Voracious reader Bill Gates shares his favorite books of the summer by John Cook, the following was written:
Want to get inside the mind of one of the world’s richest men? Just take a look at his bookshelf. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has shared his summer reading list, displaying a wide variety of non-fiction titles that cover everything from life in urban slums to the economics of energy to the life of Chinese communist leader Deng Xiaoping.
So, which book is Bill Gates's favorite summer read?
His top read is The Better Angels of our Nature, a more than 700-page whopper by Harvard University professor Steven Pinker. The psychologist makes the case that things are actually much better in the world today than in years past.

“This got me thinking about how we can achieve more positive outcomes in the world today through the work of our foundation,” writes Gates in a review of the book.
 Click on  above link to read more of Bill Gates's summer favorites.

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