Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Read a Book!

I watched the following video, "How to Read a Book", on YouTube thinking it was going to be a video on the best way ergonomically read a book. Instead, this video describes the not so comfortable ways to read a book!

There have been so many time that I've found myself trying to read in the same ways presented in this video and ended up feeling the same way. 

I've found that reading in bed doesn't work for me! I like reading sitting on a chair at the table with a book propped up at a comfortable angle or while sitting in a chair, on the sofa, etc. and holding a book in my hands. How do you like to read a book?

1 comment:

  1. My most comfortable place to read a book isn't in bed. I have found a nice spot outside, in the sun where I take an old cushion to sit on (as I'm usually sitting on concrete otherwise), the cordless phone and my glasses case and then I sit with my feet part, my knees as the same width as my feet, and I rest my arms (not my elbows as I have boney elbows) on my thighs and I read my book. The sun warms my back and I'm happy. IF the phone rings, I slot one of my fingers between the pages (as a temporary bookmark) and answer it... easy peasy... BUT!... (yes there is one!)... my butt does get numb after about an hour and I don't notice it until I try to stand up. :P