Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bring Your Next Date to the Library!!

Yes, you read correctly! Bring your next date to the library. I just read an online article published on The Date Report website, titled The Seven Best Libraries In America (To Bring A Date) by Chiara Ank. In the article, The Seven Best Libraries In America (To Bring A Date), Chiara Atik writes the following:
When it comes to romantic date spots, the library is a hard place to beat. It’s free, it’s quiet, it’s dark, it’s sexy, and there is endless, endless fodder for (whispered) conversation.
A good library is practically designed for a logical date progression — depending on you and your date’s interest (and nerd-level), you can start by nostalgically going over your favorite picture books from childhood in the Children’s section, and then move on to listening to LPs on the record players in the music room. A reading room is actually way sexy: nothing builds sexual tension better than sitting next to your date and not being allowed to talk.
Going on a date to the library can be a lot of fun! My personal pick for best library to go on a date is the Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens. The Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens is the perfect date spot as it has a library with great exhibits, expansive gardens to walk through, art collections galore and last, but not least, a wonderful tea room that serves exquisite English style tea service with all the traditional finger foods to eat.

Share your favorite library with us and tell us why it makes a great date spot!!


  1. Actually, I've never done this... however I once took a date to a bookstore; and he loved it! He has lived in Brisbane for over 5 years and none of his buddies had taken him to a bookstore around this city in all that time. Instead his best friend kept on taking him to art galleries; which is fine, but can get a little boring.
    So, when I took him in to one of the oldest - most haunted - bookstores here in Brisbane, he loved it! I then asked if he'd like to go to another one... of course he said yes! :D
    We ended spending a good part of the afternoon walking through bookstores and one second-hand record store... we had a lot of fun. :D

    1. I love going on dates to bookstores too!! Even though I'm married, my hubby & I make frequent visits to bookstores. Today we visited two bookstores after lunch... The first bookstore was a used bookstore, which my hubby let me peruse largely by myself due to the fact that he's more of a periodical kind of guy, while I'm usually in the book stacks hunting for bargains or unusual books! The 2nd bookstore was a typical chain bookstore and my hubby had a blast reading the periodical section and I was lost in the book section.