Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cotton Fabric Book Covers

I recently made my first purchase on Etsy for two colorful, fabric book covers and each one will fit a standard sized mass market paperback book. I am really happy with my purchase as the book covers are well constructed and fit mass market books nicely. So, I'm looking forward to using them for years to come!

Usually, I use a bookmark inside the book I'm reading as a reminder of where I left off. However, I've enjoyed using fabric book covers in the past, as I kind of find them fun to use, pretty to look at and a nice change of pace from using a standard bookmark. In fact, I still have two other fabric book covers that I've been using for years now. 

I purchased my new book covers from Gail Straka's Etsy storefront called Quilt Sew Cover. In addition to making paperback book covers, Ms. Straka also makes iPad sleeves, passport covers, checkbook covers and many other additional items. Check out her Etsy site to see a nice assortment of quality made items for sale.

Do you use book covers for your books? If not, do you make use of a bookmark or some other item to hold your spot inside a book?
I like the lined interior that matches the color of the outer pattern.

I enjoy the wider bookmark that is sewn inside this book cover.

Thank you card from seller.

Until my next post, happy reading and have a great day!

Books in My New Book Covers!

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