Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book'em Mysteries Bookstore in South Pasadena, California

I love reading mystery novels, especially those that are of the cozy mystery variety. I recently learned of an independent bookstore in South Pasadena, California called Book'em Mysteries and knew I would have to make a visit to check to checkout their storefront. Last Friday afternoon was my opportunity to make a visit to the Book'em Mysteries Bookstore.

I found Book'em Mysteries Bookstore to be a quaint, well stocked mystery/thriller themed bookstore that has been in business for 22 years now!! I loved this bookstore's layout, the extensive selection of both new and used books and very friendly staff. You may also find many books signed by the author for sale as well at the Book'em Mysteries Bookstore.  

Book'em Mysteries is easy to locate and they have plenty of free parking in a lot adjacent to the building which houses their storefront. Book'em Mysteries Bookstore is open Tuesdays through Sundays and closed Mondays and holidays. They offer various author signing events, so checkout their website by clicking on their highlighted name in the 1st paragraph to view both their store hours and their upcoming author signing events.

While I was visiting the Book'em Mysteries Bookstore, I purchased a used copy of Denise Swanson's cozy mystery novel, Murder of a Bookstore Babe, for 50% off the cover price. I've started reading Murder of a Bookstore Babe this week & it'll be the 1st novel I've read by Denise Swanson. 

I enjoyed my time spent at Book'em Mysteries... I hope you do too!

Until my next post happy reading!

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