Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bookplates --- Do you use them?

Bookplates come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. I've never used bookplates on any of the books in my permanent collection before. However, I recently decided to make the big leap and have some custom printed bookplates made to order for some of my books... Plus, I thought it would be fun to blog about my bookplate buying experience.

I purchased 24 custom bookplates from the Creative Crabbe storefront on I chose the Gradiant Lady Bookplates in a turquoise/pink combination, as you're allowed to chose which colors you want to use as well the text used on the bookplates themselves... i.e. 'From the Collection of' , 'From the Library of, ' or 'Ex Libris' if preferred + your name.

The bookplates I ordered arrived today in the mail. They look nice and I am happy with them. I look forward to using them in my books.

The following picture is an example of the bookplate style I ordered from Creative Crabbe. I'm not Marisa Anderson... This was the name shown in the product's photograph.

Do you use bookplates? If so, are they ones you handmade for yourself?  Or did you have custom ones made? Or did you buy blank bookplates where you filled in your name in the space provided?


  1. Yes... I have bookplates. There's a main one of The Book-Lady where there's a drawing of a woman who is sitting in a chair absolutely surrounded by books and the word 'The Book Lady' is below her. I also have a bag with the same thing on it! How cool is that?

    Then, I was sent a set with dragons on it... very cool and very me. :D

    1. Sounds like you have lovely bookplates!! I like the matching bag you have that goes with the "The Book Lady" bookplates.... Fun!