Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Latest Little Free Library in San Ramon, California


As always, I love visiting Little Free Libraries where I can leave and trade books! And finding new to me Little Free Libraries is always an additional perk to me. Last weekend, my husband and I were thrilled to discover a new Little Free Library here in San Ramon, California!

This Little Free Library was cute and held a lot of books. I left three books and didn't take any home with me as I didn't find any titles that were of interest to me at the time.

Have you found any Little Free Libraries lately?


  1. Look how well organized those books are! Lately, I've been finding LFL's shelves a little messy. I spend more time organizing the books in the LFL's then looking at the titles.

    1. It's amazing the range in which one finds LFLs. I've come across ones that are organized, disheveled, or completely pilfered. We've straightened quite a few of the messy ones over the years.