Saturday, June 12, 2021

Food Fortunes Card Deck by Josh Lafayette

Fun Novelty Tarot/Divination Deck!!

Food Fortunes Card Deck by Josh Lafayette is a very unique divination deck/oracle deck/tarot deck... I'd call it a novelty, divination deck for the foodie lover that can also be used as a tarot deck.

The Food Fortunes Card Deck is a very creative and fun deck to play with. This deck comes in a tuck box with a booklet that gives an introductions, a few different card spreads, and a key to the cards themselves. There are 78 cards in this deck, which are divided into the major arcana and minor arcana just like in traditional tarot decks. However, this is where the similarities seems to end as this deck is entirely about food! The major arcana consists of 22 cards and features different foods, so don't expect to find traditional cards and images for the major arcana. The minor arcana consists of the remaining 56 cards with four suits - The Mains, The Sides, Sweets, and Drinks. 

I love the artwork for the Food Fortunes Card Deck and it should be noted that Josh Lafayette illustrated this food themed deck!! The cards for the Food Fortunes Card Deck are matte, not glossy, and are easy to shuffle. The card stock is sturdy and the size for this deck is the typical size found for a standard tarot deck.

I love this card deck for its uniqueness!! I am glad that I have added it to my collection of card decks... But in all honesty, I probably won't use it on a regular basis!

Below is a summary for Food Fortunes Card Deck by Josh Lafayette from Amazon:
  • FOOD THEMED ORACLE CARDS: This hilarious play on oracle or classic tarot cards presents a unique play on how food and fortunes collide.
  • 78 UNIQUE CARDS: Each card features a classic foodie favorite including bacon, pizza, and more!
  • GREAT GIFT FOR FOODIES: The foodie in your life will get a kick out of the "readings" they get from their favorite dishes.
  • FOOD IS IN YOUR FUTURE: Each set of cards comes with a set of instructions on how to read each card's meaning.
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES: Entertain your friends at parties by reading their food fortunes for late night bites.

Below is a YouTube video made by Becoming Temperance, which offers an excellent review and walk through of the Food Fortunes Card Deck. This video was what made my purchase decision for Josh Lafayette's Food Fortunes Card Deck an easy one. So, check out the video to see how this deck looks!

I am giving Food Fortunes Card Deck by Josh Lafayette a rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post happy reading!!!


  1. Well, that was fun! Loved the video.

    1. Yes, very fun deck. I'm glad you liked the video. I thought it was well done too.

  2. How fun! This will be an interesting way to figure out what to make for dinner.