Saturday, May 29, 2021

Being A “BOOK BUTLER” Is A Real Thing

 Who knew that being being a Book Butler is a real thing?? I came across an article yesterday morning on Book Riot's website titled, BEING A “BOOK BUTLER” IS A THING — TELL ME WHERE TO SEND MY RESUME by Abby Hargreaves. In the article, Abby Hargreaves wrote the following:

Travel + Leisure reported that one hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida, has a “Book Butler” on call for their temporary tenants to get on-demand book delivery.

Readers who too often finish a book before their trip is over or forget to pack a book in the first place, rejoice! Guests of the Ben West Palm can now simply dial “0” to request a delivery to their hotel room. The bookish fun continues with a customized tasseled bookmark and, if the guest is feeling peckish, they can order a “Book Bite.” Book Bites offer reader-guests with an additional sensory experience with their books: small plates of food paired specifically to their title of choice. Meanwhile, the delivered book is for keeps, if the guest wants. Otherwise, it may be donated to the West Palm Beach Library Foundation, which supports the library and its offerings. Guests who return to the Ben West Palm will enjoy new selections seasonally.

The Ben West Palm partners with the Palm Beach Book Store to make this bookish dream a reality for guests who love reading. It’s the perfect special offering for this hotel, too, which was inspired by writer Byrd Dewey’s nearby estate, Ben Trovato. Other literary features appear in the hotel, including secret sliding bookcases and an art piece depicting Dewey made of books. Part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, the Ben West Palm is one of over 170 independent hotels that boast singularity. Marriott states, “Each [hotel] is a product of passion and a personal realization of its individual founder’s vision, making each hotel singular and special: Exactly Like Nothing Else. Hand-selected for their inherent craft and distinct perspectives on design and hospitality, Autograph Collection hotels offer rich immersive moments that leave a lasting imprint.” I don’t know about you, but complimentary book delivery to my hotel room certainly counts as something that would leave a lasting imprint on me.

Having a Book Butler sounds like a perfect service for a hotel to offer for its guests if you ask me!