Friday, July 18, 2014

Rainbow Rowell On Her Love Affair With Music and Writing

I admit it, here and now, that I have yet to read anything written by Rainbow Rowell... I have heard some pretty awesome things about her  writing and her books from other readers and bloggers. So, with that said, I have added a couple of her books to my reading wishlist.

This past weekend, I came across and article on BuzzFeed titled 
Literature’s John Hughes: Rainbow Rowell On Her Love Affair With Music and Writing by Erica Futterman... Since Rainbow Rowell has recently become a writer whose works I'd like to read, I decided to check out the above mentioned article to gain more insight about the writer herself.

In her article, Erica Futterman writes the following:
As Rowell describes in a phone conversation with BuzzFeed ahead of Landline’s release, her relationship between music and writing is not accidental. “With each book I tend to find a certain mood, and tone, and vibe,” she says. “When you’re connecting to a song and it’s making you feel open … I’m trying to reach that point when I’m writing.” As Rowell writes, she crafts Spotify playlists to serve as soundtracks for herself and her readers. Rowell’s day-to-day writing lifestyle in her home state of Nebraska is a solitary affair, so, for her, music serves as both a companion and inspiration. “I start with 10 songs and then I build and build,” she says. “I go through and think, How do I want this to feel? What’s the vibe going to be?” The result is distinctly different personas for each novel.
For me, I find interesting to learn how writers write there books/novels... In this case, I enjoyed learning about Rainbow Rowell's relationship between music and writing and how this helps her creativity while writing her books.

To read the full story, click on the link above!

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