Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jesters and Junkies by Jamie Garrett

Jesters & Junkies by Jamie Garrett is a novella, written by an author that's new to me. I love reading mystery novels and Jesters & Junkies is the first in a series to feature female private investigator, Riley Reid.

I read this novella in a single afternoon. I wasn't overly impressed with Jesters & Junkies. It started out pretty bland and eventually picked up its pace a few chapters into it. 

For a private detective, I felt that Riley Reid made some dumb moves... I'm surprised she hasn't been killed or seriously injured, but hey, this is a work of fiction, right?

As far as the storyline and characters go, I felt that Jesters & Junkies was passable. I'm not planning to read any of the other books in the Riley Reid Mystery Series. The author's writing style, along with the plot and character development simply were not captivating enough in Jesters & Junkies to compel me to read any additional books by the author.

Also, as a side note, some minor editing work needs to be done on Jesters & Junkies I have. 

Here's a blurb about Jesters & Junkies from Amazon's website:
Meet Riley Reid, a private investigator in small town Virginia. A product of parental abandonment, and far too much time spent at the police station, Riley's personality gives a unique perspective to every case.

Riley is hired by grieving parents to investigate the death of a young man in his prime. He even had a baby on the way. Police rule it an accidental overdose, but neither Riley or her new clients believe it.

Through her investigations, Riley is thrown into a drug conspiracy far larger than she ever expected. Suddenly, she's breaking into rehab centers, trailing suspects and fighting off gun-wielding invaders.

Come and join Riley in the sleepy town of Stone Harbor and lose yourself in the mystery.

I'm giving Jesters & Junkies a rating of 5 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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