Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are You A Book Hoarder??

Last week, I came across an article online from the LA Times website titled Are you a book hoarder? There's a word for that. by Hector Tobar. In the article, Tobar writes the following:

In Japanese, there’s a word for it: tsundoku. It’s a noun that describes a person who buys books and doesn’t read them, and then lets them pile up on the floor, on shelves, and assorted pieces of furniture. 
Frank Rose had a tsundoku problem. After he retired several years ago from his job as a state employee -- he lives in Sacramento -- he accelerated his purchases. Two years ago, he told the Friends of the Arden-Dimick Library in Sacramento that he’d donate his books when he died, the Sacramento Bee reports. By this summer, his collection had grown to 13,000 volumes. 
Finally, this month, Rose, 85, decided he didn’t want to wait any longer. Library volunteers this week began packing the books -- 500 boxes' worth. It was the biggest donation in the library’s history.

Phew, it's official!! I'm not a book hoarder by the definition given above... Book enthusiast, yes, most definitely!!

Additionally, I have to add a big, W-O-W, 13,000 books!! I thought I had a lot of books in my home, but I'm not even close to 13,000 books. 

How many books I have on hand, I'm not even sure. I currently have not only physical books, but several ebooks and audiobooks, which I've downloaded from both Amazon and Audible. 

So, how many books do you own? Would you consider yourself a book hoarder?


  1. I thought I was a hoarder but yeah, enthusiast is a better word for me too. I've been boxing up my books in preparation of a new library room at the house. There are currently 2,884 books listed at LibraryThing. This doesn't include the books still on the shelves (6) or in smaller, plastic boxes scattered around the house.

    I have read a good chunk of them. I also re-read so I don't usually give them away. I don't know if there is room for 13,000 books in my house but I think I'm close to 4,000. Not sure I want to know right now ;-)

    1. Alright, let me state that I am envious that you are getting a new home library!! I want one of those too. Right now, I'm settling for new bookcases as our 2nd bedroom will be doubling as an office/library and guest bedroom.

      Thank you for sharing your book stats with me!! I enjoy re-reading books sometimes too. Right now though, I'm just trying to read books from my already massive to be read pile!!

  2. I kind of wish I was a book hoarder. BUT... I get all my books from the library, so I don't get to own any of the books I read. I buy just a couple a year.

    1. I'm sure my hubby would prefer if I acquired all books from the library!!