Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Marvel Comics Has Announced That Thor Will Be A Woman!!

I was totally stoked to learn on Tuesday, July 15th that Marvel Comics is introducing an all new female God of Thunder (or should I be saying, Goddess of Thunder??)! Go Girl Power!! Women need more representation in terms of leading roles in comic books. 

After reading about the all new female Thor, it appears that some people don't seem so thrilled that a woman will be the next Thor. It's really kind of sad to read the negative reactions some folks are having to Thor being a woman. I think Marvel's move to make Thor a woman is progressive and refreshing. Change is a good thing somethings, right? 

What are your thoughts about Marvel's new announcement?


  1. You know what.. I like it. DC also revamped their comics with what they called "the new 52". It just takes time for people to get used to all the new things. Captain America is also changing. He will be an African American now. I don't see anything wrong with this and it gives minorities a chance to be bigger characters. Bravo Marvel!

    1. It is wonderful to read that both women and minorities are getting leading roles in the comic book world. :-)