Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Worth the Wait by Cindy A. Christiansen

eBook Novella
I recently read the eBook version of Worth the Wait by Cindy A. Christiansen, which is a short novella under a hundred pages in length. 

Worth the Wait, is a prequel to the "A Merchant Street Mystery" series. I felt that it was an okay read. Not great a read, nor an atrocious one either... Just the middle of the road as far as story lines go....

The following is the basic synopsis for Worth the Wait, which I found on the author's website:

Dependable Adele Abberley is tired of seeing to everyone else’s responsibilities, including running the family antique store, taking care of her dad, and tending her brother’s two boys. When idealistic Kipp Waterbury drops by her antique store, will his romantic nature help her to view the world in a brand new light? Will the secrets they find hidden in an antique Victorian chair encourage her to stop trying to please everyone and please herself instead?
I felt that the characters of both Adele Abberley & Kipp Waterbury were nicely developed along with the rest of the characters presented in Worth the Wait. I also liked the romantic tension between Adele & Kipp and also the drama and minor mystery that unfolded and was solved during this storyline. 

What, I didn't like was the ending of Worth the Wait as it left you hanging as to what happens next. Now, as the reader, you're forced to buy the next installment of the "A Merchant Street Mystery" series to find out how things will turn how between Adele & Kipp. I dislike it when authors leave readers hanging on like that at the end of a storyline... Essentially, the author is forcing you to buy the next installment to find out what happens next. I felt like Worth the Wait was written as a 'teaser' to suck readers into "A Merchant Street Mystery" series. Worth the Wait was (maybe still is) a free download on Amazon, but the rest of the books in the series are not free.

*** Spoiler Alert *** for the next paragraph:

I also didn't like how Adele is suckered into babysitting her brother & sister-in-law's children all the time and taking care of the family antique business because her brother is always flaking out all the time. She has essentially given up her dreams of becoming a nurse because she is always taking care of everyone else's needs and not her own needs or dreams. Then her family makes her feel guilty if she wants go back to school to become a nurse or date whomever she wants to date. I'm hoping she grows a spine and learns some balance. Yes, be there for your family, but don't let them ruin your life in the process. Find the balance in helping your family and yourself. 

I'm giving Worth the Wait a rating of 5 stars out of 10 stars. I'm not interested in reading any further books in the "A Merchant Street Mystery" series by Cindy A. Christiansen.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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