Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dr. Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay Book Signing & Discussion

This beautiful setting is near The Sacred Space parking area

Last Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite places on Earth, The Sacred Space, in Summerland, California, for a book signing and discussion with Dr. Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay in regards to their Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series.

Beautiful Garden Sculptures

Before I write about my experience at the book signing and discussion, let me start by sharing with you how peaceful, blissful, and tranquil The Sacred Space is to visit... It's truly a special and amazing space created by owners, Jack & Rose Herschorn. I cannot say enough positive things about The Sacred Space. It's a very inviting space to visit. The staff and owners are welcoming and friendly. You're offered tea to drink during your  visit to The Sacred Space. It is my understanding is that The Sacred Space is a former 1940s home, which was transformed into a beautiful storefront filled with unique treasures for sale and surrounded by exquisite gardens, a koi pond, a small waterfall and peaceful places to sit and enjoy being in nature. Written words cannot do justice in describing this special place, so I've added a pictures I've taken of the gardens during prior visits.

Entrance to The Sacred Space

I've been coming to the Sacred Space for several years now and have attended many of the talks, books signings and other special events held there over the years. I'll continue to do so in the years to come as I find The Sacred Space to be a sea of tranquility. To learn more about The Sacred Space, click on the link at the start of my post to visit their website. Additionally, please click on the following link to read an article titled: Oprah Winfrey Finds a Sure Thing in Summerland’s Sacred Space.

Now it's time to discuss the Dr. Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay Book Signing & Discussion at The Sacred Space!! I've never read anything written by Dr. Gay Hendricks before, but knew that he's a 'relationship expert' and  writer of several best-selling, nonfiction books. Many of the books Dr. Gay Hendricks has co-authored with his wife. Kathlyn Hendricks.

Air Plant
What I didn't know was that Dr. Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay have written a series of mystery novels called the Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series. So, far this series includes a 121 page novella titled 'The Broken Rules of Ten' and three full-length novels titled 'The First Rule of Ten', 'The Second Rule of Ten', and 'The Third Rule of Ten'.

I was thrilled to purchase all three, full-length mystery novels in the Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series and have them autographed by both Dr. Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay. 

After the book signing, both Dr. Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay gave a 30 minute discussion about how they met and started writing the Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series together. Along with how the Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series came into existance, along with their writing process and so on. The discussion was followed by a brief question and answer session where both authors answered questions from the audience. 

My view of the lush garden & serene waterfall while relaxing at one of several private sitting areas.

I had a fabulous experience meeting both authors and hearing them speak about their writing process and about the Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series. I'm thrilled to now have my own signed copies of the first three novels in the Tenzing Norbu Mystery Series. I look forward to reading them. I only wish I had remembered to have my picture taken with both authors while attending this event!! 

Until my next post, happy reading!

Dr. Gay Hendrick & Tinker Lindsay speaking at The Sacred Space.


  1. That place is beautiful!!! Really does look peaceful. I get jealous when people live in CA. So many places to visit that is so unique. I also really love to see authors and get an inside look into their books.

    1. Yes, The Sacred Space is so beautiful!! I could have shared more pictures, but didn't want to overdo it. The interior of The Scared Space is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

      Yes, listening to authors speak passionately about their books and their writing process is awesome. I love having signed books by authors as well. :-)

  2. This seems like such a beautiful place! Hope you had a good time!

    1. Yes, beautiful & peaceful!! Yes, I had a fabulous time at this book signing event and discussion.