Friday, March 14, 2014

Splendor in the Glass by Tamar Myers

9th Novel in the Series
Splendor in the Glass by Tamar Myers is the 9th novel in the Den of Antiquity Series. There are a total of sixteen novels in the Den of Antiquity Series written by Ms. Myers and I've now had the pleasure of reading twelve of the sixteen novels that comprise this wonderful cozy mystery series. 

I've enjoyed reading most of the novels in the Den of Antiquity Series as they are fun and engaging novels to read dealing with antiques and of course, murder! I love Ms. Myers wit and humor and of course, the lead character, Abigail Timberlake Washburn. 

I haven't read the Den of Antiquity Series in chronological order, except for reading the first novel in the series, but every novel I've read since then has been out of chronological order. I have not felt that reading this series out of order has hindered my reading experience as each novel is a stand alone novel.
I only have four more of the novels left to read in this series before I finish it off.

Splendor in the Glass was another wonderful read and was great escape for me. I do enjoy reading cozy mystery series and the Den of Antiquity Series is one I've certainly been captivated with over the past few years. I love antique owner and amateur sleuth, Abigail Timberlake Washburn, as  she's a funny and likeable character with eccentric friends and family. She always seems to find herself in a spot of trouble --- A murder will happen & she'll have to help solve it in order to clear her name or help clear someone else's name.

In Splendor in the Glass, I didn't guess who the killer was until near the end of the novel, which was great! I loved all the red herrings and things that happened to Abigail Timberlake Washburn along the way.

The following is a plot description of Splendor in the Glass from the author's website:
Murder is a Glass Act

Antique dealer Abby Timberlake Washburn is thrilled when the Mrs. Amelia Shadbark--doyenne of Charleston society--invites her to broker a pricey collection of Lalique glass sculpture. These treasures will certainly boost business at the Den of Antiquity, and maybe hoist Abby into the upper crust--which would please her class-conscience mom, Mozella. no end. Alas, Abby's fragile dream is soon shattered when Mrs. Shadbark meets a foul, untimely end. And as the last known visitor to the victim's palatial abode, Abby's being pegged by the local law as suspect Numero Uno. Of course there are other possible killers--including several dysfunctional offspring and a handyman who may have been doing more for the late Mrs. S than fixing her leaky faucets. But Abby's the one who'll have to piece the shards of this deadly puzzle together--or else face a fate far worse than a mere seven years of bad luck!
I am giving Splendor in the Glass a rating of 7 stars out of 10 stars!

Until my next post, happy reading!


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