Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cheers to Authors & the Independent Bookstores They Love!!

You have to love it when, an author like James Patterson "has been donating grants to independent bookstores in need across the county." Way to go, James Patterson!! In the following article titled James Patterson and 11 Other Authors Who Love Independent Bookstores, I learned the following:
Move over, Avengers, there’s a new superhero in town. Over the last year, bestselling author James Patterson has been donating grants to independent bookstores in need across the country—based on a quick application process on his website that can be submitted by owners, authors, or simply frequent readers. He’s pledged to donate $1 million over the course of the next year; currently, he’s given away $267,000 to 54 bookstores.

“The future of books in America is at risk,” Patterson shared with Publishers Weekly. “The government will protect the automobile industry and the banking industry, but not books.” Patterson isn’t the only author speaking out about the importance of indies. Here are 11 authors talking about their favorite local bookstores.
I enjoyed learning which independent bookstores various authors love! It delighted me to read which indie bookstores author Thomas Steinbeck loves. I had the wonderful opportunity to met author, Thomas Steinbeck (son of legendary writer John Steinbeck) twice at book signings and have had him autograph three of his novels for me at Chaucer's Bookstore in Santa Barbara! He's an enjoyable author to meet in person as he really takes the time to not only sign your copy of his books, but also spend time speaking with each person one on one. 

I discovered that both Chaucer's Bookstore & Tecolate Bookstore are Thomas Steinbeck's favorite indie bookstores according to the article mentioned above. Both bookstores are located in Santa Barbara and both are quite lovely places to visit. I've written reviews of my experience visiting both bookstores on my blog!

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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