Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Finds # 31

Friday Finds is a book meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Friday Finds is a chance to share and show off the books you discovered during the week and would like to add to your reading list...

Or a place to simply feature the books you've actually purchased throughout the week and have added to your to be read pile!

This week I've added four used book titles to my ever growing 'to be read' pile!

1) The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart (Hardback) was given to me by another Bookcrosser as I had it on my reading wishlist. I've read Wicked Bugs & also Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart. Both were good books, so I am looking forward to reading The Drunken Botanist.

2) Death of a Rug Lord by Tamar Myers (Paperback)

3) Gilt by Association by Tamar Myers (Paperback)

4) Baroque and Desperate by Tamar Myers (Paperback)

All three cozy mystery novels mentioned above, by Tamar Myers, are part of her 'A Den of Antiquity Mystery'. They are the last three remaining novels I have left to read in this series before I've read the entire series. Yay!!

So, which books have to added to either your reading wishlist or reading pile this week??