Monday, October 7, 2013

Things You May Not Know About Edgar Allan Poe

I stumbled upon a fascinating article on the Huffington Post about Edgar Allan Poe titled 11 Things You Didn't Know About Edgar Allan Poe by Lynn Cullen.

In the article, Lynn Cullen writes:
On October 7, lovers of the mysterious and the melancholy mourn the death of Edgar Allan Poe. As is appropriate for the man who invented the detective story, he died 164 years ago under baffling circumstances.

Scholarly debate still rages as to why he was found, four days before his death, delirious and in borrowed clothes, in Baltimore, Maryland, far from his home in New York City. Theories as to the cause of his demise range from alcoholism to rabies. (I personally throw my lot with meningitis.)

If the death of America's most instantly recognizable poet remains enigmatic, what about his life? How much do we really know about Poe? Was he the chillingly murderous madman of so many of his tales, as well as a spectacular drunk? If not, who was he? 
Ms. Cullen writes a wonderful article about Edgar Allan Poe, including eleven things you may not know about him. I was surprised to learn that Edgar Allan Poe was a cat fancier! Who would have guessed that? Not me!

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