Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips Needed on Running a Sucessful Book Club

I was recently read three articles I found on about starting and keeping ones book club successful, How to Start a Book Club, 14 Ways Not to Kill Your Book Club and 9 Things Never to Say in a Book Club.  

After reading each article, I was curious to hear from actual readers who are members of  a successful book club. I'd love to learn what makes your book club so successful and how you keep it thriving over the long haul. Any positive tips you are able to share here would be wonderful to read. The following are some basic questions I have about running a book club.

So, what does make your book club such a success? What tips for success or pitfalls should one avoid while running a book club? How to you select books to read? How long has your book club been in existence and how did you keep its longevity?


  1. I've never been part of a book club - well except Bookcrossing and Goodreads - as I either can't read the book fast enough, always find the books that is picked out boring as crap (sorry about that) or I can't get to the book club because it's too far away or on at a time I can't attend.

    So, I read what I want to read and make sure I challenge myself. For example, I'm trying to get my head around Chick Lit... to me it's crap, but so long there's an author with a wicked sense of humour, I'm in! :D

    1. Book clubs are a tricky to run and keep interesting for the entire group. Some of the pitfalls you've mentioned are valid ones!! If you aren't into the book or books selected it can be a problem.