Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anyone else having this problem on Blogger??

I was away from home for a few days, so I scheduled blog posts to automatically post on their own while I was gone.... Only to find out that they didn't post at the scheduled date and time. 

I've used this feature plenty of times in the past without incident and have know idea why it's not working now?? Anyone else having this issue too on Blogger?


  1. I don't use the scheduled posts thing on mine. When I write them is when they're posted - live - so I know nothing will go wrong and I can change things if needs be.

    If you go into my complete profile and look down the list of the blogs I follow, you'll find The Real Blogger Status. This is a blog written by a person working at Google and you may find something there that might help you. Or go into the Blogger Help Centre and pose the question on the 'Something Is Broken' forum and you might find other people have the same problem.

  2. Thanks for the tips... I have learned that this is an issue with other bloggers and now need to let Google know I am having an issue with this feature too. I like using the the schedules feature, when it works that is and I've used frequently without incident that is until I upgraded to the new version of Blogger earlier this month.

    1. Oh yes... the new version... don't we all love this new version? Not! I most certainly wish they'd have finish stuffing with it before they sent it out into the world so we weren't stuck in the middle when things did go wrong. I guess beggers can't be choosers.

    2. The good news is that the past two mornings the scheduled feature has worked!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it continues to do so. I have posts scheduled to post the next two days.

    3. How did you get the schedule feature to work? I am having so much trouble with this after switching to the new version. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

      Also, I love your blog. You should check out the website It's right up your alley I think!


    4. I honestly didn't do a thing to get the schedule feature to begin working again. When I upgraded to the new version of Blogger at the beginning of last month, the schedule feature went on the fritz and stopped working altogether, which I found frustrating because I use it all the time.

      Then suddenly, last Friday, April 27 onward, the schedule feature started working again. I simply figured that Blogger had worked out the bugs with regards to this feature. Plus, I'd read that this had been a wide spread issue with other bloggers and figured that maybe enough people had complained that the schedule feature was fixed pronto!

      So, sorry you're still having issues since switching over to the new version of Blogger. I've never had to ask the Blogger staff a question before. Perhaps trying one of the suggestions that Mozette has written in the first post will help!?!

      Thank you for the compliment on my blog. I've been working hard to post daily and come up with good content.

      I'll check out both and

    5. Thank you for your advice! Hopefully mine will magically start working, too.

      I appreciate your advice! :)