Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Off Bookstore

I visited Costa Mesa, California over the weekend with my husband for a short weekend getaway. 

While we were there we visited a bookstore chain called Book Off Bookstore, which is an eclectic mix of both English and various Asian Language books, comics, magazines, cds, dvds, and games. Many of the items are used, but in good condition and sold at low prices. Book Off even buys products from customers as well. 

We enjoyed visiting the Book Off storefront as it is clean, well lit and maintained, nicely organized with a large and varied selection of merchandise for sale. You'll also find an ample amount of free parking their storefront.

Many of the books seen for sale were offered at a dollar a piece, in nice condition, and the sorts of books that are currently popular reads. 

I was tempted to add more books to my ever growing collection, but managed to walk away empty handed! Perhaps next time I find myself at a Book Off location, I'll purchase a few books to add to my collection!

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