Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do you enjoy reading poetry?

There's no simple answer for me to the question of whether I enjoy reading poetry or not. My first gut instinct is to say that reading poetry isn't my thing, but that isn't entirely true. 

I should clarify by adding that poetry isn't the first thing I reach for when I want to read. Nor do I normally gravitate towards the poetry section when I visit bookstores and I rarely buy books of poetry. I can count on one hand how many books of poetry that I've purchased over my lifetime.

I find that poetry is better enjoyed by listening to someone else read it aloud, preferably the poet who wrote the poem, then to read the poem from a book. Poetry has a certain rhythm to it that comes alive when read out loud. 

I also am sort of finicky about the sorts of poetry I enjoy reading or listening to... Some of it, I simply don't understand or even like... Other types of poetry, I absolutely love as it speaks to me or resonates within me in some way or another.

What are your thoughts about poetry?


  1. Being a writer of poetry, you have to remember that your work will be at its very best when it's read out aloud. So, I enjoy reading poetry when I'm reading it aloud as its real passion and power comes out in the words then; and at no other time. :)

    1. I love your poetry, Mozette! I purchased a book of your published works of poetry when Bookcrossing had the self publishing service. I enjoyed reading People, Time & Places. Have you published any more works of poetry since then?