Friday, April 27, 2012

Author Dinner Party --- Who would you invite?

If you could host a dinner party and invite any number of authors from the past or present, who would they be and why would you choose these authors to attend your dinner party?

I'd select the following writers to attend my dinner party:

1) William Shakespeare as he's endured the test of time and is cherished by many fans around the world. Besides who wouldn't be curious as to what he'd be like as a person in real life?

2) Agatha Christie because she's the grand dame of mystery writing and I love her novels!

3) Mikhail Bulgakov because I loved reading his satirical novel the Master & Margarita... When you read something like Master & Margarita, one can't help but wonder what the author was really like in real life!

4) John Steinbeck because he's a brilliant writer!

5) Margaret Atwood because she's my favorite female novelist and always has interesting themes in her books.

6) Maya Angelou is an engaging speaker, writer and poet. I've seen her speak before a live audience twice in the past & she is always interesting and entertaining. She'll recite poetry, sing, and speak about a wide variety of topics in an intelligent manner... She'd make an excellent dinner party guest.


  1. My dinner party would be a hoot... with many horror writers attending. I'd have:

    Stephen King so he can hang out with his best friend Peter Straub (of course I'd have to invite both of them) and have them nut out another book together.

    John Connoly... another great freaky writer.

    Christopher Treagus, who is a relatively new author to me, but I've seen some of his work and love it.

    Then, there's a few mainstream writers I'd love to have here such as:

    Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie and Henry Lawson... a great Australian author there.

    Then, there's gotta be Colleen McCullough as well!

    Yes, my dinner party would be a motly crew of writers... they may get along, they may not... but we'd all have that passion for writing in common - and of course, the passion for a great meal! :D

    1. Nice choices, Mozette! A motley crew of authors would make for a more interesting party don't you think?? What's better than enjoying a good meal, great company, and discussing writing and books?