Monday, February 12, 2018

7 Books Which Serve to Remind Us That Life Goes On for Women After 70!

I came across an interesting article on Electric Lit titled, 7 Books to Remind You That Life Goes On for Women After 70. In the article it says:
It’s rare to see senior women on TV at all, let alone dating, doing drugs, running a business, and having fun with their friends. If you’re hungry for more content like Grace and Frankie, you may be out of luck on the small screen—but we’ve rounded up seven novels whose over-70 protagonists do more than just reminisce and wait to die. If you are, know, or just want to become a fierce old lady, start here.
I found myself loving the title of the above article and also curious as to which 7 books listed in the article. I will be adding a few of them to my ever growing reading wishlist. 

I am a middle aged woman myself. Although, I rarely define myself as having reached middle age.... However, I digress. I mainly wanted to write that I feel like women, especially elderly woman, are not portrayed very often in leading roles in novels. I think it's important to see more older women featured more prominently in novels in a positive light. I say this because woman in the baby boomer generation (ages 51-69) and older, make up a large sector of the population. So it would make sense to see more novels with positive, elderly women role models as leading characters. I think it is important to celebrate the wisdom older women have to offer. 


  1. Ha! I turned 70 last August. I am aware of a certain invisibility, of a feeling that I don't count as much as I used to, but only with some people younger than me. I just started watching Grace and Frankie the other night. Saw the first two episodes of season 1.

    1. Ageism and stereotyping of the elderly seem to be issues, unfortunately, within our society. The young and beauty are glamorized. I think women feel the pressure to look young and beautiful, where with men their looks aren't as important as their achievements... Elderly men look distinguished when they grow older, right? But ageism goes way beyond youth and beauty, of course.

      It would be wonderful to see more elderly women as role models in all facets of life, not just on television or in books. :-)

      I haven't watched Grace and Frankie yet.