Thursday, January 12, 2017

'La Borinquena' Is A New Comic Book Featuring A Puerto Rican Superhero!

Comic books, manga, and graphic novels are a genre I'm only just beginning to explore. So, I was excited to discover an article on Bustle's website titled  'La Borinquena' Is A Puerto Rican Superhero Who Proves You Don't Need Powers To Make A Difference by Zoraida Cordova. In the article, Zoraida Cordova writes:
With La Borinqueña, creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez hopes to inspire the idea that you don't need superpowers to create social change. In an interview with Bustle, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez speaks about La Borinqueña's origin story, her roots in Puerto Rico and New York City, and the ways she changes the world both as a superhero and a regular college student.
La Borinqueña is the story of Marisol Rios de la Luz, a Columbia University Earth and Environmental Sciences student who is given powers by an ancient Taino goddess during a trip to Puerto Rico. But her name, Borinqueña, is given to her by the people of the island; it's the feminine version of Borinquen, the Taino name for Puerto Rico.
La Borinquena sounds like my kind of superhero!! I love that La Borinquena is a strong female superhero of Afro-Puerto Rico descent, that she is wearing a costume that comprises both versions of the Puerto Rico flags, and that her costume isn't a skimpy one designed to treat female superheros as sex objects.

I am totally excited about reading La Borinquena in the near future... In fact, after reading Zoraida Cordova's article, watching a couple of online videos about La Borinquena, and visiting the official website where La Borinquena is sold, I ordered a copy of La Borinquena. 

I enjoy reading books with refreshing, diverse characters and topics. It looks like La Borinquena will most definitely be both refreshing and diverse!


  1. Oh how cool!!! I looooove the idea behind La Borinquena!!!

    1. Me too!! After reading the Bustle article, watching a couple of videos about La Borinquena, and perusing the official website for La Borinquena, I went ahead and purchased a copy of the comic book. I want to support books that comic books that promote diversity, positive images of women, and other cultures in a positive light.

    2. My copy shipped today in the mail.... I look forward to reading it. We'll have to compare notes on what we think about this book afterward.