Friday, January 6, 2017

Have You Made Your Reading Resolutions For 2017 Yet???

If you haven't made your reading resolutions yet for 2017, not to worry! Bustle has you covered... Check out an article on their website titled 9 Unusual Book Resolutions To Make In 2017 by E. Ce Miller.

I already give away a lot of books throughout each year, so I can pretty much skip on this one as a resolution in coming years. 

I do like the idea of rereading favorite books, but I am not sure I could devote an entire calendar year to solely rereading books I've already read. Sure I have several books I'd like to reread, but I also have way to0 many books on hand that I want to read as well. 

I'd love to read a book with a close friend, my hubby, or family member and then discuss the book we've read, but not many close friends or family members like to read books.

It would be kind of fun to let my hubby choose 10-20 of my books to read this year from my 'to be read' pile, just to see which books he'd chose for me to read. I'm not sure I could relinquish complete control and allow him to select all of my reads for an entire year. That would be just too much!!


  1. Hmmm...I'm like you: I already give away books, hardly anyone around me reads, and there's no way I am dedicating a whole year to re-reading when I have hundreds of other books waiting for me to read. However, I do like reading in a new location idea or having my friend or family member pick my TBR pile. I should try that out. :)

    1. I had my husband look at my 'to be read' pile this morning and select 12 books at random for me to read throughout the year, which equates to 1 book a month. Two of the books I'm not ecstatic about, but I'll deal with it! The goal is to reduce my 'to be read' pile and read some physical books I may not have read otherwise this year.

    2. Oh yay! Glad that your husband agreed to help you out. I wish you luck, especially the 2 you weren't so ecstatic about! :)