Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux

eBook Novella
I have a fondness for novellas and also for thrillers! I think that novellas are great ways to explore new to me authors.

I recently received an email from author, Rico Lamoureux, inquiring if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing his soon to be published novella, Riker's Calling, in exchange for an honest/unbiased review of Riker's Calling

I liked the premise/storyline of Riker's Calling, so I decided to give Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux a go! Riker's Calling is a 110 page novella that falls into the thriller/suspense genre, so if you like novellas and thrillers, then you'll probably enjoy Riker's Calling as it is a fast paced read.

I enjoyed reading Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux. The start of Riker's Calling is fast paced and draws the reader into the action right away... Initially, I had a lot of questions after reading the first few pages of Riker's Calling... Like, who was Jeremy Riker? How did Jeremy Riker get the training he did and who did he work for? I also wanted to know more about the woman he rescued and why was she targeted by thugs? Wanting to know the answers to these questions and more, I read onward and was rewarded with plenty of answers!

I enjoyed the plot, characters, and how the storyline unfolded for Riker's Calling. There were a few minor issues that need to be edited, but nothing major. I liked Riker's Calling overall.

The following is a plot summary for Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux from Amazon
From school bullies to the crime-ridden streets of his hometown of Los Angeles, Jeremy Riker has always felt the need to do something about the injustice surrounding him. Just as he sets out on his journey as an urban warrior, he unknowingly gives rise to an obsessive adversary, who ends up becoming one of the most notorious serial killers the city has ever known. Dubbed by the news media as The Spyderco Killer, the methodical psychopath roots himself deep into Riker's life for the long haul, until his own madness propels everything into an intense climax.
Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux will be released on August 4, 2016 and is available for pre-order as an ebook through Amazon. The pre-order price for Riker's Calling is $1.49 (25% off the regular price). So, if you're interested in reading this novella, you may want to pre-order it before the price goes up.

I am giving Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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