Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Little Free Libraries in Petaluma, California!!

This past weekend, my husband and I visited Petaluma, California for the day... I love day-trips! We had a blast in Petaluma for the day. If you haven't been to Petaluma before, it's a small quaint town in Northern Californian near Napa.

During our visit to Petaluma, we visited two different Little Free Libraries near downtown Petaluma. I was able to drop off a total of four books -- Three books into one Little Free Library and one book into another Little Free Library!! The two Little Free Libraries I visited in Petaluma mark the 10th and 11th Little Free Libraries I've visited. I even snagged a free paperback copy of Amsterdam by Ian McEwan to read.

All of the books I left inside each Little Free Library in Petaluma were registered on Bookcrossing.

I've visited six different Little Free Libraries in the past month. I really enjoy visiting Little Free Libraries as each one is unique in its own way. :-)

Little Free Library on 823 Madison Street
Petaluma, California 94952-3339

Little Free Library on 422 Walnut Street
Petaluma, California 94952


  1. These are both cute!

    You know, you inspired me to start searching for these Little Free Libraries and to blog about my little adventures. :D

    I have one post up already. :)

    1. Yippee!! Enjoy the journey of finding Little Free Libraries. It's fun finding them, sharing books you've read with others, and finding new ones to read. :-)

  2. Love this! I never heard of Little Free Libraries!

    1. Little Free Libraries are so much fun to visit. I hope you are able to find one in your area to visit.