Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reading Novels That Are Part of a Series

Do you like reading novels that make up a book series? Personally, I kind of find book series hit or miss.  

I recently finished reading the Island Trilogy by Tudor Robins. The Island Trilogy is a young adult series. I loved the first two novels in the series, but I did not enjoy reading the last novel in the series.

Last year, I finished reading the young adult series 'His Fair Assassin' by Robin LaFevers and loved reading the entire series.

I'm currently one novel away from finishing the cozy mystery series 'Den of Antiquity' by Tamar Myers. I've found this cozy mystery series hit or miss for me, which is so frustrating as I wish all the novels in the entire series were equally good.

I've started other book series over the years... Some of the books weren't to my liking and others were really good... For instance, I've enjoyed reading a few of Sue Grafton's novels in her 'Alphabet Series'. I've also enjoyed reading a few novels in J. D. Robb's 'In Death Series'. I love Diana Gabaldon's 'Outlander' novels and I have even read a few of Janet Evanovich's 'Stephanie Plum Series'... The list of book series's I've started could go on, but I'll keep the list short to keep this post from going on too long. Will I eventually finish reading all the novels in each of these series? Maybe, but most likely not. I find that I have too many books by different authors that I want to read to remain hooked or caught up in one series... Especially if there are a lot of books that make up the entire series.

What are your thoughts about books that comprise a series?? Do you prefer stand alone books or do you love reading books that are part of a series?


  1. I love reading both! Normally, I prefer a series because in general I feel like there's more character and world development in a series (just because of the sheer word count). However, sometimes I really standalones! They can be really nice when I just want a book to breeze through and be done with!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Thanks for chiming in and leaving me your thoughts on the subject. Happy reading!