Thursday, June 23, 2016

YouTube Channels For Readers!!

BookTubes on YouTube are something I am slowly getting into... I'm not personally doing my own book vlogging, but am slowly tuning into others who are book vloggers.

I discovered a Bustle article titled 6 YouTube Channels For Readers by Julia Seales. In the article, Julia Seales shares the following with readers:
If you spend all your free time reading books, reading articles about what books you should read next, talking about books, and going to book club... you need to be watching BookTube. And what is BookTube, you ask? Well, there is actually an entire community on YouTube where vloggers discuss all things books. From book reviews, to TBR suggestions, to book "haul" videos, the topics of these videos will make any lit lover hit "subscribe." These vloggers will give you serious bookshelf envy, too, because their book collections are absolutely beautiful. 
BookTube is an extremely welcoming and friendly part of YouTube, because the creators of the videos (and the viewers of them) just want to sit around and discuss books. If your book club just isn't enough for you — or if your friends don't have as many literary discussions as you'd like — this is a perfect place to get your fill of book talk. Plus, you can find some great reading recommendations while you're at it.
Click on the top link to see which YouTube channels readers should watch! 

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