Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Carmichael

eBook Edition
I read  the ebook edition of Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Carmichael over the course of a few days. This mystery novel is approximately 250 pages in length.

I was able to download this novel to my Kindle from Amazon for FREE. Below is my unbiased review of Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Carmichael.

Other than some minor editing issues, I though that Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Carmichael started off really well and enjoyed reading this mystery novel until the ending came along. The last chapter of the novel ruined this book for me completely. Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Carmichael has a cliffhanger ending... The reader is left hanging with no resolution as to who definitively killed four female librarians from the 1970s... There is some speculation as to may have done the killings, but the reader never ends up knowing for sure who the serial killer is for the 30+ year cold case. 

Also, I didn't enjoy the fact that in edition to no resolution as to the identity of the serial killer for the librarians, we do not definitely know for 100% certainty who the killer is for Daisy Quinpool. Sure we all assume it's her ex-husband, but the fact that this murder isn't resolved either is also bothersome.

I like it when an author wraps up the story in one book. As a reader, I want to know whodunnit in the novel and not be left hanging with so many unanswered questions as to the murderer's identity.

Here's a plot summary for Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Carmichael from Amazon:
Justice is overdue in the coastal town of Twisted Cedars where two unsolved mysteries lay buried in the past.
Over thirty years ago a series of murders targeting Oregon librarians was never solved. Now someone with inside knowledge is feeding clues to true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, promising him the best story of his career. Pursuing the leads means returning to Twisted Cedars, where his sister Jamie is about to marry a man he deeply dislikes.
Local Twisted Cedars librarian Charlotte Hammond prefers her mysteries--and her romances--between the covers of a good book, especially since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, eight years ago. But then the dark and tortured soul who is Dougal Lachlan walks into the Twisted Cedars Library asking for her help. 
Before long Charlotte realizes there is no safe zone. Not even in libraries...and especially not in Twisted Cedars.
I am giving Buried (A Twisted Cedar Mysteries) by C. J. Marshall 1 star out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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