Thursday, June 16, 2016

Which Type of Reader Are You?

I read another nice article on Bustle titled 13 Types Of Readers Everyone Knows, Because We Aren't All Alike by Sadie Trombetta. In the article, Sadie Trombetta wrote:
Aside from a shared love of books, no two readers are alike. Some people stick to one genre while others spread the love; a lot of people are faithful to physical books but there are some who love e-readers; there are those who skim the books and others who underline their favorite quotes. The bottom line is, there are certain types of readers everyone knows.
Go to the bookstore, visit a library, or just look around your own book club and you'll see readers of every kind. From the bookworms who are trying to stay on top of recent bestsellers to those who are loyal to a small group of authors, each one has their own preferences, habits and quirks. If you're trying to decide what kind of reader someone is, ask them about they're currently reading, and you'll be able to figure it out in no time.
Click on the top link to read the full story. After reading the article, I noticed that I seem to fall into polygamist reader category!! Although I also see myself fall into a few of the other reading categories too.


  1. I'm a polygamist reader too! *high fives*

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only polygamist reader out there!! Most readers I talk with in person seem to solely focus on reading one book at a time.