Thursday, June 2, 2016

Orchids and Stone by Lisa Preston

Unabridged Audiobook
This morning, I finished listening to the unabridged audio version of Orchids and Stone by Lisa Preston and narrated by Cris Dukehart from Audible. Listening time for this audiobook is 9 hours, 22 minutes.

Cris Dukehart's narration of Orchids and Stone by Lisa Preston is the best thing about this novel, followed closely by the plot's premise of Orchids and Stone.

I thought the main character, Daphne, was likable enough, even though I thought she did a couple of dumb things during the course of the novel. Most of the supporting characters in Orchids and Stone, were not very likable to me... Thea (Daphne's best friend) is a total bitch and Vic (Daphne's boyfriend/fiance) is annoying to me and I am not a fan of Vic's kids either... I also thought the police, Thea, & Vic, for the most part, were not very supportive in Daphne's attempts/feelings in trying to rescue Minerva Watts when she needed help in trying to find/resue Minerva Watts. Everyone was skeptical about the need to intervene or assist in helping to rescue Minerva Watts.

Plus there's a lot of repetition of the story/plot/themes that kept being repeated round and around that was very annoying to me and felt like a lot of fluff. The over discussion of the same stuff made the novel drag on and on.

The first couple of chapters of Orchids and Stone are good and the last couple of chapters are good, but the middle chapters didn't mean much to me overall.
The following is a plot summary for Orchids and Stone by Lisa Preston, which I found on Audible:
They're trying to take me. Help! Help me, please.
Daphne Mayfield sought a moment of quiet in a park - a break from city life, a tense relationship, and chronic overwork - but then an elderly woman makes a desperate plea. Daphne is reluctant to get involved when she's not sure what's happening, but she wants to help the stranger. Is the rambling old lady the victim of a crime or a victim of dementia?
As her unease grows, Daphne can't let go of the encounter. No matter what her boyfriend or her friends say. No matter what the retired homicide detective warns. Though she knows she's meddling in other people's lives, her instincts scream that the danger is real.
With each increasingly bold intervention, Daphne involves herself in someone else's crisis until she's in too deep to turn back. She's not just fighting for a stranger's life...she's fighting for her own.
I am giving Orchids and Stone by Lisa Preston a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!