Sunday, June 26, 2016

Margaret Atwood Has Written A Graphic Novel

I've learned that author, Margaret Atwood, has written a graphic novel titled, Angel Catbird, that will be released on September 6, 2015. 

Check out images for Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird in a Bustle article titled Margaret Atwood Has Written A Graphic Novel?! A First Peek At 'Angel Catbird' Tells Us A Lot by Emma Oulton. In her article, Emma Oulton writes the following about Margaret Atwood's new graphic novel, Angel Catbird:
Margaret Atwood is a woman of seemingly endless talents — she's penned bestselling novels, children's books, poetry, nonfiction, and even television, radio and theater scripts — but somehow, she still managed to surprise us with her latest venture: Margaret Atwood has written a graphic novel. The news about Angel Catbird, which will be released by Dark Horse Comics, first broke at the end of 2015, and Atwood's had us all on the edge of our seats since then waiting to get a glimpse. Finally, the first images are here — and to be honest, they just make this project even more intriguing. 
Angel Catbird, which is hitting shelves in the fall, is about a superhero whose powers come from a tragic incident in which he was tangled up with a cat and an owl. The newly released Angel Catbird images show us exactly what happened — and it's all very mysterious. Here's what we know now: our protagonist's cat had run out into the road to chase a rat, when a car ran it over, simultaneously knocking into an owl which was swooping low to check out the possible prey. But while our protagonist is mourning his cat, the car goes into reverse, and comes back to hit him as well. But that's not all: the driver of the car then reveals that the rat was a deliberate, digitally-controlled lure. Whoa. This was no accident.
Until my next post, happy reading!!

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