Friday, June 17, 2016

8 Reasons You'll Love the 'Sex Criminals' Comic Series

Okay, I admit that I am curious about the Sex Criminals series, but have yet to read it. After reading an article on Bustle titled Why 'Sex Criminals' Is The ONE Comic Series Every Woman Needs to Read by Melissa Ragsdale, I now more than ever want to read this series!

In the article, Melissa Ragsdale wrote the following:
Even if you're not the biggest comic book nerd, you won't be able to resist the sex comedy comic series that is Sex Criminals. Superpowers meet sex in this wild, one-of-a-kind read. That's right, I said sex and superpowers. Who could ask for anything more?
Two years ago, my copy of Sex Criminals: Volume One arrived in the mail. "Enjoy your night out," I said to my roommate. "I'm going to take a bath and read." And it was a decision I certainly do not regret.
Sex Criminals is about two people, Suzie and Jon, who have the power to stop time by having sex. When they find each other, and are able to stop time together, they do what anybody would do: they start using their sexy superpowers to rob banks! But the duo soon finds out that they're not alone in the space between time, and suddenly they're being chased by a danger far greater than they could have dreamed.
Click on the very first link above to read Melissa Ragsdale's article and discover the 8 Reasons You'll Love the 'Sex Criminals' Comic Series!

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