Sunday, July 19, 2015

Coloring Books For Adults

I have noticed that coloring books for adults has become a huge trend these days and a big time seller. In fact, I came across and read an article from The New Yorker titled Why Adults Are Buying Coloring Books (for Themselves) by Adrienne Raphel. In the article, Adrienne Raphel writes the following:
The trend has been fuelled to some degree by social media—colorists post their elaborate creations on Facebook and Pinterest, garnering fans and offering pro tips on things like Prismacolor versus gel pens, or how to make that tricky owl in the corner pop—and by marketing that associates them with such therapeutic ends as anxiety- and stress-reduction. But it is also part of a larger and more pervasive fashion among adults for childhood objects and experiences. This “Peter Pan market” has roots in publishing, beyond coloring books (the growth in sales of children’s and young-adult books to much older readers has been well documented), but it is far from confined to that arena.
I'm curious how many people out there (who are adults) are buying and using coloring books for adults and why you enjoy using them? 

I haven't purchased any coloring books meant for adults for myself. I simply don't have any interest in them at all. The article suggests, in the quote I shared above, that adult coloring books have "such therapeutic ends as anxiety- and stress-reduction." This may be true, but for me, I'd rather participate in some other activity like reading, knitting, walking, meditating, or some other activity to reduce anxiety or stress.


  1. I have an old one (it was my son's when he was younger, but not a child). There are a few blank pages left in it, but the "good" pages are already colored! This one is mostly shapes and checkerboard like designs with a few mandelas thrown in. I've colored a few; I enjoy planning the arrangements of colors.

    1. Sounds like fun to plan the arrangement of colors! :-) Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Happy reading.