Thursday, July 9, 2015

Learn to Arm Knit by Leisure Arts

Paperback Pamphlet
I am a fairly new knitter and I purchased Learn To Arm Knit by Leisure Arts through Joann Fabrics and Craft Stores website for 40% off the cover price earlier this year. This book seems more of a pamphlet than a book and is 32 pages in length. This book is for beginners and also offers an online video tutorial on how to arm knit as well. 

I've made several arm knitted scarves so far and given some of them away as gifts earlier this year. Arm knitted scarves are fun, fast, and easy to make. They look very fashionable too and are warm!! I am now an avid arm knitter and loving promoting this wonderful knitting technique.

Arm knitting is also a great way to teach kids how to knit as you don't have to worry about them poking themselves or others accidentally with knitting needles.

Learn to Arm Knit by Leisure Arts also offers a photo gallery with various arm knitted scarves in different colors and an index of which yarns were used to make each scarf using the technique outlined in the book.

I also enjoyed reading the instructions on how to make a very cute looking scarf using a finger crocheting technique, which I haven't tried doing yet.

Even though, I enjoyed reading Learn to Arm Knit by Leisure Arts and adding it to my permanent collection of books, 
I am glad I didn't pay full price for it. I felt that there wasn't anything revolutionary in it that couldn't have been found for free by watching a YouTube video on how to arm knit. In fact, I had already learned how to arm knit by watching a YouTube video prior to buying this book online. 

I guess the redeeming feature of Learn to Arm Knit by Leisure Arts for me was the photo gallery showcasing various arm knitted scarves and the index that followed stating which yarns were used. I also think that that the finger crochet scarf is worthwhile and I look forward to making it in the future as well.

For all of you knitters or those of you interested in learning about my personal knitting journey, please check out my new knitting blog at My Knitting Journey, One Stitch At A Time!


  1. Man, it's so cool that you're getting into knitting!! I started crocheting when I was younger, and it was really cool to be able to transform a spool of yarn into something usable. While I'm sorry this book isn't really amazing, it still seems like you gained some things from it! And yay for not having to pay full price for it- that's definitely something. :)

    Good luck with your knitting ventures! <33

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment!! Like you, I also think it's rather amazing to be able to transform a skein of yarn into something usable!! That's so cool that you crochet... It's something I'd like to learn down the road myself. :-)

      Yes, I did gain some wonderful knowledge from this book for a minimal investment, which is a good thing, right??

      All the best to you and your crocheting ventures as well.

  2. These scarfs are so cool. I wish I had the patience to knit.

    1. I never thought I had the patience for knitting either... But arm knitting the scarves outlined in the above mentioned is SOOOO incredibly easy to do. You can literally finish a scarf in about an arm from start to finish. I need to add a picture of the ones I made.

    2. Lol, I thought I had added pictures to this post... But then I remembered that I recently started a knitting blog and had also reviewed this book for my knitting blog.... I had added pictures of my finished arm knitted scarves to the post for my knitting blog.

      See the following blog post to view a couple of the arm knitted scarves I made:

    3. Oooh my friend Wendy from Wall-to-Wall Books also has a knitting blog (though I don't think she updates it as much as her book blog). You two should become friends and/or followers ;)

      Her knitting blog:
      Her book blog:

    4. Thank you for the tip!! I look forward to checking out both of Wendy's blogs... That's cool to discover that there is another person who not only likes to read and keep a book blog, but also knit and keep a knitting blog as well.

      Like Wendy, I have a feeling that I'll still be posting more to my book blog than my knitting blog as well. I'll try to post as often as I can to my knitting blog as I can though. In fact. I am in the process of writing a post for my knitting blog that will hopefully be up in the next two days as I just finished knitting a headband and want to share what I've knitted with the world. :-)

      Happy reading to you!

  3. I used to be a knitter but have never heard of arm knitting! Cheers from cArole's Chatter

    1. Arm knitting is so much fun and so easy to do. I love it!