Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wednesday Riders by Tudor Robins

Young Adult Novel
Wednesday Riders by Tudor Robins is the second novel in the Island Trilogy. Wednesday Riders is a young adult novel approximately 181 pages in length. 

Last week, I read Appaloosa Summer, the first novel the Island Trilogy, in two days. I enjoyed reading Appaloosa Summer so much that I couldn't wait to start reading the second novel in the Island Trilogy titled, Wednesday Riders... So, I purchased Wednesday Riders from Amazon within a few minutes of finishing Appaloosa Summer and began reading it right away. 

I read Wednesday Riders within a 24 hour period and enjoyed reading it almost as much as I did Appaloosa SummerWednesday Riders takes place the summer following Appaloosa Summer does... Once again we encounter both Meg and Jared and their time spent on the island. But it's a different summer for both of them this time around when Jared makes a startling confession to Meg near the beginning of Wednesday Riders that threatens to ruin their relationship. Can they overcome Jared's confession and work it out? Or will it be the end of their romance?

I must admit that things start off with a bang when Jared makes a completely unexpected confession to Meg near the start of Wednesday Riders... It's a shocker and devastates Meg. She spends the rest of the summer working at the bed and breakfast, coaching a group of young girls to ride, learning to sail, trying to decide whether to do about Jared... And Meg even explores the possibility of an new romance! 

Some mini dramas happen throughout Wednesday Riders that keep things from becoming predictable, but sometimes I felt like the drama was a bit much at times. I could relate to how Meg felt about Jared's confession, but other times I felt like she acted a tad immature. Then again this is Meg's first romance and she's 17 years old, so how else is she be expected to react to Jared's confession?? 

I would have thought after things cooled off between them over the course of a few weeks, that Meg would have taken the time to find out why Jared did what he did... We only learn what he did that upset Meg, but not in a lot of detail. It would have been nice to learn more of the details upfront. I still had an unanswered question or two by the end of Wednesday Riders about Jared's confession that left me wanting to know a bit more.

In Wednesday Riders, I enjoyed reading that Meg's mom was a bit more motherly and engaged in Meg's life this time around, instead of being the emotionally distant/detached/stern mother she was in Appaloosa Summer.

I also enjoyed reading about Meg training other horseback riders as well as taking an interest in other hobbies and new characters. 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Wednesday Riders and would recommend it to others who've already read Appaloosa Summer. I am looking forward to reading the third installment of the Island Trilogy when it comes out.

The following is a plot summary for Wednesday Riders from Amazon's Website:
The island.

Meg can’t wait to get back. She’s excited to see her new mare kick up her heels in Salem’s old paddock. She’s impatient to run on country roads between breeze-blown hayfields.

Mostly, Meg longs to be back with Jared again.

It’s going to be the perfect summer.

But can real life live up to Meg’s huge expectations?

When Jared makes a heart-wrenching confession, Meg has to re-evaluate everything. If perfection’s not possible, can Meg find a way to build happiness for herself?

Fans of Appaloosa Summer will welcome the return to familiar places and characters, with the chance to be captivated by more of the beauty, romance, and dreaminess of Meg’s summer island life.

I'm giving Wednesday Riders a rating of 8 stars out of 10 stars. Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Awesome review! This second book in the series was definitely different than the first one, but I also really liked it. I think it was great that Tudor was able to make me as a reader just as shocked by the news Jared gives as Meg, as Meg herself. I hope the third book won't take to long :D

    1. I was shocked by Jared's news as well. I'm glad that Tudor Robins kept the readers on their toes... I am looking forward to reading the 3rd novel in the Island Trilogy too and am hoping it is released soon. :-)