Monday, April 20, 2015

Lustbound by Natasha Storm

eBook Novella
I read the ebook edition of Lustbound by Natasha Storm last weekend. Lustbound is a novella approximately 102 pages in length and it is book one in the Eve's Grotto series.

I was able to download Lustbound to my Kindle from Amazon for free. Below is my unbiased review of this novella. So read on!

I enjoyed reading Lustbound. It's a steamy, erotica romance novella that (in it my opinion) has elements from both the dystopian and utopian genres. 

Basically, women have created a new world in Eve's Grotto, where they are dominate over men through the use of magic and have them as "Pets" to be treated as "objects" only to serve women. In Eve's Grotto, love is forbidden between men and women.

The leading character, Christine, escapes her life at the compound where women are property of men. Life at Eve's Grotto, where women objectify men and rule the world, is foreign to Christine. As Christine learns more about Eve's Grotto, she begins to feel that it is just as oppressive to men as her former life at the compound is to women. 

While at Eve's Grotto, Christine falls in love with Valentin and he with her. But of course, roadblocks are thrown in their way to prevent them from fully being together... Can they overcome the obstacles and ever be together?? Or will they be caught and/or prevented from ever sharing their lives together??

The following is a book summary for Lustbound by Natasha Storm from Amazon's website:
A tale of forbidden romance and dangerous secrets...
Christine has grown up on a desolate compound, where women are the property of men, and marriage is for practicality, not love. But her life changes when she’s given the opportunity to escape to a much different place: Eve’s Grotto. It’s a city where women are in charge and men are kept as Pets—there to pleasure and care for the women in whatever way is required…or desired.
Christine is uncomfortable and timid about her new life until she meets Valentin, a beautiful and mysterious Pet who stirs things in her she’s never felt before, and who seems as enchanted with her as she is with him. He can show her things about pleasure she didn’t know were possible, and she awakens feelings in him he didn’t know he had.
But Eve’s Grotto has strict rules about Pet interaction. A Pet may not make sexual advances on a woman. A woman may not have sex with a Pet that does not belong to her. Above all else, a woman and a Pet must not fall in love.
But rules are made to be broken.
I'm giving Lustbound by Natasha Storm a rating of 8 stars out of 10 stars!

Until my next post, happy reading!! 


  1. Oh wow! This sounds like a great erotic book! It appears to have a very thought-provoking plot that one usually doesn't expect in an erotic read. And...what a lovely cover!

    1. Yes, it's better than just sex with a cheesy storyline for sure!