Sunday, April 19, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

A big thank you to Rachel at Reading Rachel for nominating my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is quite an honor.

Here Are The Rules:

* Thank the person who gave you this award. 

* Include a link to their blog. 

* Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

* Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.

* Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Random Things About Me:

Aside from reading and blogging, my other hobbies include knitting (I'm still a newbie) and geocaching.

Lotusland is one of my favorite places on Earth to visit!! It's a very magical, special place to be.

The slow cooker (aka crock pot) has become one of my favorite ways to make meals in the past 18 months. It's so easy to make healthy, delicious meals in a slow cooker. I only wish I had started using one sooner!

Bone broth has become one of my favorite new things to drink!! And I make it in my slow cooker.

I love eating dark chocolate (in moderation of course)!!

Organic jasmine green tea is my favorite flavor of tea to drink. I like drinking it hot and sweetened with stevia.

I want to make a career change and am considering going back to school this upcoming Fall.

My 15 Nominees:

Jessica @ A Great Read
Chuckles Book Cave
The Literary Lioness

If your blog wasn't nominated and you'd like to participate, please feel free to join in the fun and leave me a link to your post. Happy reading!!


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination!

    Haha I'm still a newbie knitter too... even though I've been at it now for like 7 years... I start a scarf or a hat or a blanket or something and do 3 or 4 rows (once I did 20!), set it down, and forget about it for the next year. So far, I've finished 2 scarves and a hat throughout the span of 7 years (although I have done a number of those ruffly scarves that take an hour and have 6 stitches per row)! I don't really have the patience... I wish you the best of luck!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I've made several scarves (about 11 in all for holiday/birthday gifts) and three knit cuffs!! I'm trying to finish off two hats since December of last year, but have taken a hiatus from knitting the past couple of months. Thanks for the well wishes on knitting.

      Happy reading and blogging!!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I didn't expect it and love it that you nominated me! :D

  3. Thank you for the nomination. :) If I have time to do it, I will, but we will see what my schedule looks like. :)

    1. Happy reading and blogging!! Keep up the wonderful posts. :-)

  4. Thanks again for the nomination! :)
    I've always wanted to try geocaching.

    1. Geocaching is a lot of fun!! It's a hobby that my hubby and I have being together for the past ten years. Happy reading and blogging!! Keep up the wonderful posts. :-)

  5. It was so sweet of you to nominate me for this award! Sadly I don't have the time to go and find 15 bloggers to pass this on to-most blogs I visit are actually award free zones it seems! But I'll answer your 7 random things for you!

    1) I have a collection of over 10 000 postcards. I had to stop collecting as I ran out of space to store them.
    2) I have been compiling a set of news scrapbooks since 1994. Every week I cut anything interesting from news, sport and entertainment and stick them in. It is fun to look back on each year's major events.
    3) My favourite city in the world to visit is Cape Town, South Africa.
    4) I love to photograph landscapes, coastlines, lakes, mountains and military transport vehicles.
    5) I love sunflowers-they always look so happy!
    6) I have a huge collection of Build A Bear monkeys, each with their own clothes. I love to take one with me on car trips to photograph them somewhere scenic, just for fun! They are my children!
    7) I am scared rigid of spiders. Why do they need so many legs?????

    1. I collect postcards too, ever since childhood!! I end up buying postcards while on vacations, daytrips, or visiting other tourist attractions and of course, keep postcards others have sent me as well. I don't know how many postcards I have, but I do enjoy collecting them. :-)

      I think sunflowers look happy too! Happy reading and blogging!! Keep up the wonderful posts. :-)

  6. Thank you so much for nominating me!! Man, I LOVE my slow cooker. Coming to Italy, my slow cooker was not suitable for the electricity here (if that makes sense, it didn't have the right voltage). But eventually we were able to get in and I have used it so much. I adore it. It is so easy!

    1. Yes, the easiness of the slow cooker is what makes it so wonderful! Happy reading and blogging!! Keep up the wonderful posts. :-)

  7. I don't know if I will have time to find 15 other bloggers but I do have 7 random things about me.

    1. I am married.
    2. I have a step-daughter.
    3. My favorite desserts are peach melba, Baked Alaska, bananas foster, lemon sorbet, and tiramisu. Of course,I don’t eat them often because, except for the sorbet, they are fattening. Yay for sorbet!
    4. I was a newspaper reporter.
    5. I love going on long car trips. I was never the kind of child who asked “are we there yet?”
    6. I love obscure films that no one else seems to know about. I hope to blog about them soon.
    7. I love tulips and cherry blossoms. They are my favorite flowers, although I love all flowers.

    1. I forgot to thank you for the award! Thank you so much!

    2. Thank you for sharing your random facts with me!! Happy reading and blogging. Keep up the great posts. :-)

  8. Thanks so much for nominating me! I did this one a couple years back and for some reason I can't find my link. Oh well...instead, I will post here 7 facts about me:

    1. I love Thai Food
    2. My favorite color is green
    3. I can't garden or keep plants alive
    4. I know how to cook and bake; I just choose not to
    5. I watch Friends every night
    6. I am constantly choreographing in my head
    7. I love spending time with my siblings

    Oh, and good luck to your career change!!!!

    1. Oooo, I love Thai food too!! :-)

      Thanks for the well wishes on the career change.

  9. My post is done! :D

    I hope you enjoy it! :D

    1. I enjoyed reading your post!! Thank you for participating in the Versatile Blogger Award.

  10. Thanks so much for the nomination!!! :) Here are my seven facts:

    1. I am double-jointed.
    2. I can pull my right pinky all the way back so that it touches the back of my hand. It was never broken. I don't know why I'm so flexible in my fingers.
    3. My favorite color is purple, but I've also been gravitating towards pink lately.
    4. I have had issues with audio/oral comprehension all my life, but lately I've been listening to audiobooks via Audible app on my phone. It's been great.
    5. I get throbbing headaches after being out in the sun without my sunglasses.
    6. I'm more of a "bag" lady than a "shoe" lady, but I try to appreciate both.
    7. I love my friends, including blog buddies like you!

    How exciting about you returning to school! Will you be attending community college? What will you study?

  11. Thank you so much for your thoughtful nomination!

    1. I love pretty much any combination of black and white. I find rooms that are decorated exclusively in black and white very soothing, in addition to looking classy and beautiful.
    2. ^This might be one of the reasons The Night Circus is my favorite book of all time.
    3. I read tons of books (about one per day), so ^ when I say this is my favorite book ever, that means a lot!
    4. What I am able to do in life is basically dictated by my several serious health problems: life-threatening allergies and asthma, chronic blinding migraines, Lupus, and brittle Type-1 Diabetes. This is a curse (can't work a traditional job, can't function on the most basic level sometimes), but also a blessing (it further encouraged me to live in a world of books, where I can travel wherever I want and do whatever I want even though I can't leave my bed).
    5. The love of my life is a 16 pound Dachshund named Alter Ego. She also seems to think I am actually her mother. There is a bit of an attachment problem/separation anxiety there. Lol She wants to be wherever I am: watching while I shower or use the bathroom, sitting on me while I read or write, and so forth. If I am sick, she insists on being right on top of me and won't leave until she feels I am better and she can end her watch.
    6. My husband is actually a fellow BookCrosser (Regulator), and though we had met previously in real life, we reconnected via BookCrossing and we never would've started dating (or, as it stands to reason, gotten married) if it hadn't been for BookCrossing.
    7. I have never won anything big. Like, a prize or a contest, for example. I am always the second place winner or the runner up, or I get nothing. I certainly don't expect to always win things, but it would be nice to experience the feeling (just once or twice) of being first place/number one/the ultimate winner. This goes for everything from competitions to juried contests to raffles and other prize drawings. (Even sweepstakes on BC!) It is really odd.

    1. I really enjoyed reading your 7 random facts!!

      Let me just say that I am envious that you read a book a day!!! I do have a copy of The Night Circus in my ever growing to be read pile. I'll need to find it and read it sooner rather than later. Everyone seems to really like this novel.

      I love dogs, especially the smaller breeds... Alter Ego (what a cute & original name) sounds lovely!! I'm pretty attached to my dog too. I have a chocolate colored Pomeranian named Koko, who is pretty attached to me too.... Especially, after our older Pomeranian, Roxy, passed away unexpectedly last November. Roxy and Koko were besties.