Thursday, April 16, 2015

Murder Out of the Blue by Steve Turnbull

eBook Novella
Murder Out of the Blue by Steve Turnbull is a novella approximately 92 pages in length. 

I was able to download this eBook to my Kindle for free and was able to read it in the course of a single afternoon. The following is my unbiased review of Murder Out of the Blue by Steve Turnbull.

Okay, I like reading novellas because they make for quick reads and they are also a great way to become acquainted with new authors and/or genres. Steve Turnbull is a new to me author. Plus, I'm still fairly new to the steampunk genre. I liked the cover design/artwork for Murder Out of the Blue. I also like mysteries and am curious about the steampunk genre. So, after reading what Murder Out of the Blue was about, I decided that it would be something that I'd want to read.

The story was okay for Murder Out of the Blue... So were the characters. Everything was just ho-hum. Nothing about reading Murder Out of the Blue was all that captivating. I even guessed who the murderer was very early on in the story, which was a let down. Who wants to know early on who the killer is??? Half the fun is not knowing until closer to the end of a story. Am I right or what?? Anyway, there more books in the series, but I think I'll be passing on them.

The following is the plot summary for Murder Out of the Blue by Steve Turnbull from Amazon's website:
1908. A gruesome death on board the Sky Liner RMS Macedonia exposes the clash of class, secrets and sexuality in upper class Edwardian society.
On her journey home Maliha Anderson, Anglo-Indian daughter of a Scottish engineer and a Brahmin scholar, hopes to make peace with her past, her future and what she sees in the mirror every day - until the nurse of wheelchair-bound General Makepeace-Flynn is murdered.
The General declares his innocence and Maliha is the only one to believe his story. With landfall in India only hours away Maliha must find the real murderer before the culprit can escape, even though doing so puts her own life at risk
 This is the first book in the Maliha Anderson steampunk murder mystery series. 
Murder Out of the Blue by Steve Turnbull was okay.... So, I am giving it a rating of 5 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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