Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ways to Fit a Home Library Into a Small Space

My hubby and I live in a small space. I love books and am always interested in creating an in home library for my large book collection. I found an article on the Apartment Therapy website titled 5 Ways to Fit a Home Library into a Small Space, which has some wonderful ideas for creating a library for us.

Which ideas have you used to create your own library at home??


  1. I live in a 2-bedroom townhouse... where my book collection started out downstairs in my living room; but it seemed to make the place appear cluttered as it 'gremlined' on me. Great word that - 'gremlined' - it describes my book collection and its growth perfectly. I joined Bookcrossing and - voila! - my books multiplied! :P

    Anyway, I found nobody was using my spare room for sleeping - as I was hoping to have friends and family stay overnight more often than I actually do - and so I moved the single bed out and the bookcase from downstairs to upstairs. Then, the next thing I knew, Mum gave me a bookcase she wasn't using and I bought another smaller bookcase and scored yet another one from Officeworks (um... never buy from there, those bookcases sag the moment you put a book on them!)... and now, I have over 1,000 books in my spare room, a computer, on a proper desk, filing cabinet, a handbag collection and a few other things too... but mainly my books take over the room.

    But there's are few rules to this collection:

    1. If I buy a book, there must be a place for it in the collection - ie: don't just dump it on the floor.
    2. Every 6 months, I must do 'The Big Book Shuffle'. This is where I move all the books around so I know what I have, and see if I have doubles of books. If I do, I either give them away or bookcross them.
    3. None of this book collection must ever live outside this room - ie: the whole book collection is contained within only this room otherwise it will take over the whole house.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story about your book collection. I especially liked your rules. I need to follow number three!! My books are spread about our small condo.