Wednesday, April 16, 2014

13 Literary Power Couples

As always, I find interesting article through the Huffington Post website and 13 Kickass Literary Couples is no exception! In the article, I read the following:
It’s common to think of great writers as congenital loners -- the iconic isolated genius too egotistical or socially inept to have fulfilling personal relationships. If a writer does have a spouse or partner, we imagine they would choose someone wholly different from themselves, preferably someone entirely uninterested in writing so that the genius can work undisturbed.

Yet, as The Guardian observed in 2007, despite the competitiveness and jealousy that may arise when two writers fall in love, literary-minded people tend to be drawn to each other. Whether it’s two brilliant authors or an author and an insightful editor/advisor, astute literary minds have always found ways to each other, and these pairings aren’t always disastrous. In fact, sometimes these partnerships result in even greater artistic productivity.
And yes, I've been guilty of thinking great writers are loners or at the very least not interested in marrying another writer! 

I was surprised by some of the literary couples mentioned and yet a couple of them seemed like obvious choices. Click on the above link to discover which kickass literary couples made the list.

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