Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scientists Have Found the Secret to Writing a Best-Selling Novel

I discovered an interesting article in The Telegraph titled Scientists find secret to writing a best-selling novel by Matthew Sparkes. In the article, Sparkes writes the following:
Scientists have developed an algorithm which can analyse a book and predict with 84 per cent accuracy whether or not it will be a commercial success.
A technique called statistical stylometry, which mathematically examines the use of words and grammar, was found to be “surprisingly effective” in determining how popular a book would be.

The group of computer scientists from Stony Brook University in New York said that a range of factors determine whether or not a book will enjoy success, including “interestingness”, novelty, style of writing, and how engaging the storyline is, but admit that external factors such as luck can also play a role. 
 Click on link above to read the full story. I found this article to be fascinating for both those seeking to write a best selling book and also for publishers who want to acquire potential best-selling books.

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