Thursday, May 9, 2013

Margaret Atwood Writes About Dreams

I've always enjoyed reading short stories and novels written by Margaret Atwood. So, when I came across an article Ms. Atwood wrote for the NYR Blog titled My Psychic Garburator, I couldn't wait to read and share it with you!

In the article, My Psychic Garburator, Ms. Atwood writes at length about dreams, which I found fascinating. Especially, when Ms. Atwood wrote about the best 'writing dream' she ever had:
The best writing dream I ever had was in the mid-Sixties. I dreamt I’d written an opera about a nineteenth-century English emigrant called Susanna Moodie, whose account of her awful experiences, Roughing It In The Bush, was among my parents’ books. It was a very emphatic dream, so I researched Mrs. Moodie, and eventually wrote a poem sequence, a television play, and a novel—Alias Grace—all based on material found in her work. But that sort of dream experience is rare.
Ms. Atwood writes plenty of other interesting things about dreams. Click on the link above to read more of what Ms. Atwood has to say about dreams and writing!

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  1. I have the most bizarre dreams. BIZARRE! I can't wait to check out what she has to say!